Who are you listening to?

Buddha strove for years to obtain “enlightenment”. Christ said “I am the light” (1). Confucius said, “I am not one who was born in the possession of knowledge” (2). Christ said, “I am the truth” (3). Moses told his followers to kill those who followed other gods (4). Christ didn’t come to judge the world, but to save it (5). Mohammed said to kill disbelievers, that they must convert or die (6). Christ taught that our love and good works would be the things that turn people to God (7). Paul told his followers to expel immoral people from their midst (8). Christ hung out with them (9).

Christ – Not Christianity

Do not confuse Christ with Christianity – they are not the same. Christ came to bring us out of darkness and into God’s kingdom. Christianity turns the divine teachings of Christ into a mere human institution.

  • Christianity asks people to follow men in a hierarchy; Christ asks people to follow only him. (12)
  • Christianity requires commitment to an institution in order to experience Christ; Christ promises to inhabit any individual who loves him and keeps his word. (13)
  • Christianity imposes ritual and tradition on people; Christ warns that tradition makes God’s Word void in people’s hearts. (14)
  • Christianity has blood on its hands and is guilty of untold depravity; Christ taught and practiced love for all humans, friends and enemies alike. (15)

Because Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam etc., were each founded by one individual, it is assumed that Christianity falls in the same category. But Christ did not found Christianity. Christianity was founded by humans long after Christ left the planet. That human institution (Christianity/church) claims to represent Christ – but it does not!

Listen to Him

There are many who would ask you to listen to them when it comes to eternal matters. However, Christ is the only one who claimed that he existed before humanity even began (10) and that the Creator sent him into our world to bring us His words (11). If Christ’s claims are true, why would you want to listen to anyone else?


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