Truth - Straight From the Source

In all of human history there is only one person who claims that he existed before humanity even began. The Creator sent him to our world to reveal His truth to us. In English, we know him by his human name “Jesus”.

Kingdom, Not Church

Jesus came to earth to teach us about the kingdom of God and to show us how to enter that kingdom. It is the central topic of Jesus' teachings. He talked about the kingdom more than any other topic.

Jesus did not come to earth to establish a religion (Christianity) or an institution (church). In fact, Jesus never even used the word "church". Most people who claim to follow Jesus have totally missed this crucial fact. They have become wrapped up in man-made teachings about a “church” that Jesus never even talked about. And they rarely, if ever, talk about the kingdom of God, which is the thing Jesus talked about the most!

Christianity and churches are man-made systems which claim to represent Jesus’ teachings. They claim to know the truth and want you to listen to them. However, instead of bringing Jesus' simple truths to us, they interject man-made teachings, traditions and hierarchies. They pollute the simple eternal truths that Jesus revealed to us.

Listen to Jesus

Every one of us has the ability to understand Jesus’ simple teaching. We don’t need a formal education or a theology degree. We don’t need to rely on the wisdom of "professional Christians". Jesus said that we must become like children in order to enter the kingdom of God.

This site is dedicated to encouraging and challenging people to learn from Jesus alone and to discard the teachings and traditions of men. We only need to believe in and practice what Jesus teaches us. We need to:

Seek First The Kingdom

Seek First His Righteousness

A Message for Christians