Truth - Straight From the Source

If you are seeking to understand eternal/spiritual matters, there are many who would claim to be able to teach you. But of all the people who make this claim,

Jesus of Nazareth is the only person who claimed that he existed before humanity even began.

The uniqueness of Jesus' claim should prompt you to put him at the top of your list in your attempt to understand eternal/spiritual matters. He stated that he came directly from the presence of our Creator to bring us His words. Once Jesus' task was complete, he returned to resume His place at Creator's side. If this is true, no other human is able to give you any better information than Jesus. Why would you want to listen to anyone else?

If You Are Not A Christian...

Good for you! Neither am I. You don't have all that "Christian-y" and "church-y" baggage to deal with. You have a clean slate to start with and can make good choices in your search for the truth.

In fact, here is the best advice I can give to you:

Do not ask Christians/churches to help you find truth. They will only divert you from your quest and give you man-made teachings and traditions instead. These will actually separate you from the Creator whom you are seeking. Go straight to the one who brought us Creator's words, Jesus. Don't let anyone put themselves in between you and him.

If You Are A Christian...

Repent! Leave the man-made system you are in and start over. I know this may sound harsh but I speak from experience. I was a Christian for 5 decades. I finally figured out why so many things didn't make sense and why I wasn't making any real progress in my search for Creator. I had permitted Christian theology and Churchianity to become my god. When I repented of that and went directly to the source (Jesus' teachings and life example), things became much more clear and I finally began to make progress.

If you are truly seeking the kingdom of God, go directly to the source (not your "pastor" or any earthly teachers) and you will see the truth.

This web site is dedicated to those who are investigating Jesus' claims and to those who are desiring to practice what he taught. I have no teachings of my own to offer. I only want to point you to the one whom I believe is the way, the truth and the life.

The Articles link at the top of this page contains writings for you to consider. Please take time to read them and ask your Father in heaven (not your "pastor" or any earthly teachers) to show you the truth.

If you have questions, if you think I am missing an important truth from Jesus' teachings or if you want to dialogue personally, click on the Contact Us link at the bottom.